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The work in the garden tends to ease off as the hot summer months progress leaving you free to sit back and enjoy the rewards of all the hard work you lovingly put in over the year. The likelihood is you will spend most of your time watering during any dry spells, deadheading plants that have already flowered, keeping beds and borders in order by continuing to weed regularly and pruning back the uncontrolled growth of your more over enthusiastic plants.

Hydrangea Villosa

Some ideas for flowering plants that will increase your enjoyment of the garden are; Rhododendron “Polar Bear”, Nymhaea “Rene Gerard”, Hemerocallis “Stafford”, Hydrangea Villosa, Clematis “Perle d’Azur” and Verbascum Nigrum.


Things to do this month:

  • Watering new plants and tubs if dry but be water wise, if you have been harvesting rain water this will come in very handy.
  • Now is the time to prune Wisteria plants again.
  • Continue to deadhead plants and flowers.
  • Collect seeds from your favourite plants.
  • Continue cutting out old fruited canes from Raspberry plants.
  • Lift and pot up rooted Strawberry runners.Click here for video
  • Feed soils with green manure
  • The second early crop of potatoes should be ready now. Sort through the crop putting perfect specimens into Hessian sacks or paper sacks. Less than perfect specimens should be eaten first, as these will spoil first and ruin the other potatoes.
  • Runner beans will be reaching the top of the cane now. Pinching out the tip will encourage a bushier plant underneath. (Pinching out the tip is to remove the growing tip of the shoot.)
  • Keep checking your Brassicas for butterfly eggs. These can be washed off or brushed off. These are identified as yellow or white eggs which are on the underside of the plant.
  • As space develops in your vegetable plot, you can fill the space with green manure such as dwarf French beans. This not only keeps the weeds at bay but also replaces lost nutrients in the soil.
  • You can still plant out spring cabbages, Chinese cabbages, hardy lettuce (under cloches) and white Lisbon which is a type of spring onion.
  • Now is the time to plant early spring flowers i.e. Snow Drops, Crocuses and Daffodils.
  • Trim evergreens and conifer hedges.
  • Mow you lawns regularly i.e. once a week or more depending on growth, but set the blades at a higher level to avoid scorching.
  • Feed and mulch roses.