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Events November- December 2011
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The Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU) has always encouraged, as an integral part of the community, self expression, creativity and imagination among artists all over Ireland and Kilnamanagh Credit Union is no exception. Every Year the Kilnamangh Credit Union holds a Poster Competition.


Young people can draw or paint posters, this year the theme was “Credit Unions: 50 years serving communities in Ireland” using pencil, charcoal, pen or ink, felt-tip markers, crayon, pastel, water colours, gouache, acrylics, oils, poster colour or collage.
Prints done from a lino block, wood block or any other method are also allowed. No computer aided design (CAD) may be entered.
There are two categories “General” and “Special” with the following age groups in each:

7 years and under 8-10 years 11-13 years 14-17 years 18 years and over.

The “Special” category encourages participants with a physical or intellectual disability to submit entries in free expression without the restriction of the competition’s official theme (should they so wish).


Entry forms are available from Kilnamanagh Credit Union.
All entries must be submitted to Kilnamanagh Credit Union together with a fully completed Entry Form. Please check with Kilnamanagh Credit Union for closing dates and previous winners.