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Outlined below is a brief outline of the services provided by Hogan Estates and our associated fee structure.

The service can obviously be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Hogan Estates offers two options;

  • Letting only @ 6% plus VAT
  • Letting and full management @ 8% plus VAT.

Both of the above fees are exclusive of advertising fees of approximately €40.
Our fees are of course tax deductible.

In summary, the letting service includes:

  1. photographing the property,
  2. doing a comprehensive written report on the condition of the property and its contents, doing a full inventory of all items in the house,
  3. advertising the property to let,
  4. arranging and attending all viewings,
  5. checking references of prospective tenants,
  6. Supplying a copy of the references to the landlord.
  7. agreeing tenancy with the landlord,
  8. preparing a lease which incorporates the inventory and a receipt for keys handed over,
  9. Including any conditions that the landlord may require.
  10. getting tenants to sign lease,
  11. taking utility meter readings and getting tenants to sign off on meter readings,
  12. Where allowed by utility companies, transferring the gas and electricity accounts into tenant’s names,
  13. registering tenancy with PRTB
  14. Where available, Hogan Estates also provide the tenants with instructions on the operation of the heating system.
  15. Where available, Hogan Estates will provide tenants with operating or user manuals on domestic appliances.
  16. Getting standing order form signed by tenants for payment of rent into landlord’s account.
  17. Security deposit will be forwarded to landlord’s account.
  18. Hogan Estates fees will be deducted from first month’s rent and balance will be forwarded to Landlord.

The letting and full management service provided by Hogan Estates includes all of the above, but Hogan Estates fully manage the property.

In addition to the above, Hogan Estates:

  • Arrange for the rent to be paid into our client account so that we can check when the rent is paid and chase any late payment.
  • Deal immediately with any minor repairs necessary.
  • Pay for any repairs up to an agreed limit, usually €300, and deduct repair costs from next month’s rent.
  • Obtain quotes for major repairs, including repainting, carpets, etc, and obtain landlord approval prior to commencing work.
  • Deal with any minor insurance claims less than €2,000.
  • Carry out a comprehensive inspection every six months and provide the landlord and tenant with a written report along with photographs of items requiring attention.
  • Provide the landlord with quarterly financial reports, outlining each month’s rental income and the expenses incurred.
  • Dealing with the tenants’ queries, and if possible resolving any problems the tenant may encounter.
  • On termination of the lease Hogan Estates staff will inspect the property and check the inventory.
  • Comprehensively photograph the property and the contents.
  • Carry out a comprehensive inspection and provide the landlord and tenant with a written report along with photographs of items requiring attention.
  • We calculate the amount to be deducted from the security deposit for damage caused and we arrange and supervise the refurbishment of the property so that it is put back on the market with the greatest possible speed and with the lowest cost to the landlord.
  • Take utility meter readings and get tenants to sign off on the readings taken.
  • Where allowed, Hogan Estates will transfer the utility accounts into the new tenants name, or if there is a small void period, into the landlord’s name.