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The Gardening Calendar

At this time of year the work in the garden starts to ease off and becomes a little bit less labour intensive. If we are blessed with prolonged periods of dry weather then it is likely that the majority of the time you spend working on your garden will be spent using a watering can.

It is also important to dead head any plants that have flowered to promote new blooms.

You also need to keep flower beds and boarders weed free.

Keep an eye on plants that have shown vigorous growth and prune back where necessary.

If you fancy having some early spring flowers, now is the time to plant the bulbs for flowers such as daffodils, snow drops and crocuses. Hold off on planting tulips until late October or November.

If you plan to plant a new lawn or establish a new boarder now is the time to prepare the soil.

If you have rambling roses prune them as soon as they have flowered.

It is at this time of year that you should trim any evergreen or conifer hedges.

You should also water and feed hanging baskets and containers regularly.

Your Roses will need a little feed and should also be mulched.If we experience a protracted hot or dry spell you should be careful not to cut the grass as tightly as you normally would, raise the blades a small bit during these spells.

September is coming and we need to prepare for planting Harley perennials, shrubs and bulbs for flowering next Spring.

Also, if you were planning on planting that new lawn September is the time lay the new turf or sow the new lawn.